Efficiens Inc.

웹사이트: www.efficiens.ca
전화번호: 514-683-2326
주소: 8002 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC, Canada
우편번호: H2R 2G1
도시 : 몬트리올
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Detective and Armored Car Services
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Efficiens strives to bring quality services related to Software Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Network Security. All this within your budget and on time.

Efficiens was created by the need to meet the requirements that companies have today in the creation of software and networking, in producing multimedia like that found on the web, to arm themselves with an external and independent solution specializing in verification systems and quality validation. Our tests are able to certify the quality and integrity of your products before they are delivered to your customers.

Whether it is for web-sites, software, producing multimedia on CD or DVD, online products in the e-learning or e-commerce field, or for all other sophisticated programming or products, our company offers complete verification services and elaborate stress-tests for many platforms.

Efficiens can also offer its advisory services to their customers to help in the creation and development of projects. We can help in all the different phases. Our company can give you excellent advice so that your products finish with the seal of quality that your customers expect to receive.

Our Values

A mission, like the philosophy of a company, needs to be associated with certain values so that they can come together to form a real commitment. At Efficiens, we attach a great importance to the development of these values:

Service Excellence
We promise to fill the needs of our clients by offering a high quality service, economical and easily accessible. We are constantly striving to improve our techniques and the way we offer our services.

We establish high levels of ethics and professionalism and we hold ourselves entirely responsible for our actions.

We promote training and invest in our personnel. We take strengthening our course of action to heart by offering a working environment that favours the research of solutions that are always more efficient.

We are committed to treating all our clients and colleagues fair and just. We strive to create a working environment that is healthy and positive.

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