Infinite Cables Inc.

전화번호: 905-477-4433
팩스: 905-477-4454
주소: 380 Bentley St. Unit 1, Markham, Ontario, Canada
우편번호: L3R 3L2
도시 : 마크 햄
지방에: 온타리오
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Web Directory No.LK-71785-5352
Infinite Cables Inc. is a manufacturer & distributor-wholesaler of computer cables, audio/video cables, networking cables, accessories and connectivity products. Our mission is to provide quality connectivity solutions at competitive prices, while striving for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is always ready to assist customers with product information, stock status, custom cable orders, large quantity pricing discounts or any other inquiries.

Our customers:
Resellers, VARs, dealers, computer OEMs, government agencies and school boards are welcome to contact us to set up accounts and receive preferred pricing. Our retail level web site aims to service the needs of IT professionals, SOHOs and the average consumer.

Our products:
Infinite Cables Inc. recognizes the merging of the audio/video, telecommunications and computer/networking industries, and as such has a broad spectrum of cables and connectivity products spanning these markets. Our products include networking cables and accessories, power cables, audio/video cables and connectivity splitters, switches and converters, computer cables and connectivity products, wireless antenna cables and UPS replacement batteries to name a few.

Custom Cables:
We are able to manufacture a wide array of custom cables which include coax cables, fiber optic cables, mode conditioning cables, d-sub cables, twisted pair patch cables and modular cables and many more. We can handle single cable orders or quantities ranging into the thousands. Depending on lead times and quantities, we can also manufacture molded cable assembles offshore.

Phantom Cables:
Infinite Cables Inc. is the manufacturer of Phantom Cables. Phantom Cables represents our premium line of audio/video cable solutions.

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