UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT)

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주소: Suite 101 - 555 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC, Canada
우편번호: V5T 1E2
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UBC Properties Trust was created in 1988 as a private company wholly owned by the University of British Columbia. It now operates as a trust whose sole beneficiaries are UBC and the UBC Foundation.

Its mission is to acquire, develop and manage real estate assets for the benefit of the University. Over the years, the role of UBC Properties Trust has evolved to include management of many aspects of UBC's real estate assets. Under the direction of current President and CEO Al Poettcker, UBC Properties Trust has the mandate to:

•Service and market lands for residential development
•Develop faculty and staff rental housing
•Produce land use studies
•Analyze projects as requested by UBC
•Manage an mortgage investment portfolio
•Manage the construction of institutional projects

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