Multicom Group

전화번호: 416-762-0118
주소: 20 Bay St.
우편번호: M5J 2W3
도시 : 토론토
지방에: 온타리오
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We are a local Ontario company offering reliable turnkey solutions to meet all your company’s needs in today’s diverse market. At the MultiCom Group, we pride ourselves on giving our best to our clients, making sure that YOU get MORE than what you want and require.

MultiCom Group wants to show you the benefits of using video on the web. Web casting ( or streaming) allows you to cast a video to anyone who visits your site or clicks on a banner. With traditional methods of advertising or promotion, you were limited by how many newspapers were bought or how many listeners tuned in to a radio station, now with web casting you are limited only by those areas that do not receive internet services

By using broadcast quality video equipment, top of the line computer equipment, everything the MultiCom Group does is of the highest quality. This will show when we are helping you with branding your company or product, recreating your web site, down to the high quality web hosting.

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