Saugeen Municipal Airport

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전화번호: 519-364-3220
다른번호: 1-877-592-8955
팩스: 519-364-7733
주소: RR 1, Walkerton, ON
우편번호: N0G 2V0
지방에: 온타리오
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Saugeen Municipal Airport is home to dozens of aircraft and is used by prominent local industries.The Saugeen Municipal Airport (CYHS Hanover) is pleased to announce one of the communities outstanding restaurants FRANKIE’S PUB AND RESTAURANT has opened a second location FRANKIE’S AT THE AIRPORT. The food is excellent and prices very reasonable so that $100.00 hamburger or breakfast will not break your bankroll. See their menu and hours at fly or drive in for some great meals before during or after any airport events.

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