Toronto-Dominion Centre

전화번호: 416-869-1144
주소: 66 Wellington Street West,(King and Bay),Toronto, ON
우편번호: M5K 1A1
도시 : 토론토
지방에: 온타리오
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The Toronto-Dominion Centre was the first development of major downtown office buildings in the City of Toronto. Modernist design is the spectacular vision brought to life at the Toronto-Dominion Centre by architect Mies van der Rohe. The original structure of the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower and Royal Trust Tower, including the unique banking pavilion, officially opened in 1967. This development served as the origin of the new now widely utilized 'PATH', an underground route for pedestrians. The complex expanded to include the Canadian Pacific Tower in 1974 and 79 Wellington Street West in 1985. The departure of the Toronto Stock Exchange from their historic building on Bay Street offered the chance to develop the Ernst & Young Tower in 1992. The neighbouring 95 Wellington Street West building was purchased in 1998 and became part of 'Canada's Most Influential Business Community'.

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