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In business since 1989, we believe in making the complex world of law, simple. Our practice specific solutions help legal professionals streamline their business and deliver the highest value to their clients. Our customers save time by increasing accuracy and efficiency, which creates the capacity to further grow the profitability of their practice.

Our long-term business strategy is focused on maintaining our position as the leading software provider for Canadian legal professionals. As a result, our employees continuously deliver on our mission to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers through exceptional products, services, ongoing training, and support. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Implementation Services, and Customer Support teams work collaboratively to ensure that our customers are able to easily integrate our applications into their day-to-day practice, and keep their best interests top of mind, at all times. That includes ensuring we offer a tailored experience through the customization of our products by region as well as local support in every province we do business in.

The flagship of our business is The Conveyancer, the leading practice management solution for real estate legal professionals across Canada. Over 800,000 conveyancing transactions are processed annually through The Conveyancer, and in May of 2012, we made Do Process history processing a staggering 67,540 transactions in a single month.

When Do Process entered the market nearly 25 years ago, we operated primarily in the real estate law office. In 1993, we decided it was time to take our expertise to new areas and expand our offerings to legal professionals practicing corporate law. Fast Company was launched. Today we provide products and solutions for the practice of real estate law, corporate law, estate law, and wills and powers of attorney with our expanded suite of products: The Conveyancer, Pro-Suite, Brief Convey, Fast Company, Estate-a-Base, and Will Builder.

Our customers have been instrumental in shaping our priorities and products. We are proud to be a customer focused, service oriented organization, forming alliances with our customers to provide innovative solutions. We also form strategic alliances with industry service providers to ensure that we continue to deliver on our promise to remain the most efficient and effective choice for legal professionals. In 1998, Do Process introduced the first of these partnerships with Stewart Title Guaranty Company, integrating the process of ordering title insurance with The Conveyancer platform. Since then, we have gone on to partner with 7 additional providers for title insurance, mortgage instructing, accounting, title search, and insurance namely: FCT, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Stewart Assyst Real Estate, Teranet, Lexis Nexis, OnCorp Direct Inc., and ERAssure Executor Insurance.

The acquisition, in 2008, of Do Process by Teranet Enterprises Inc., a leading provider of efficiency driven e-services itself, has given us an increasingly stable and well-resourced foundation from which to more progressively pursue our growth centered strategy. When both Do Process and Teranet were acquired by Borealis Infrastructure in 2009, one of the premier pension fund/investment companies in the world, Borealis secured over $3.1 billion in equity and investment for both companies. Just as we continue to expand our reach to more areas of Canadian law, we will always commit to remaining innovative in the development of our existing products. In December 2011, The Conveyancer development team took impressive steps into modern technology with an extensive upgrade that was highly impactful to our customers. Our success is only that of our customers’ success.

This is why Do Process is a provider of not only software but full service solutions for legal professionals. Our first class Customer Service Centre helps almost 34,000 people per year quickly and effectively resolve their inquiries with an average wait time of just 26 seconds. The Customer Service team has a breadth of experience working with legal professionals. In addition to this, we use an action request tracking system that ensures no matter which team member you speak with, they will always have an understanding of your experience.

An even greater understanding of that experience comes with our expert and local teams of Customer Success Managers. Made up of industry experts, former law clerks, legal assistants and paralegals, the Customer Success team has in depth expertise of the legal industry and firsthand knowledge of experiences you have each and every day. Since 2011 this team has effectively trained thousands of individuals, at no additional cost, through formalized training webinars, and conducted over 1,000 1:1 sessions.

We continuously solicit feedback and suggestions through various channels to develop our strategies and tactics, and we will never stop working to bring our customers more value. With a Customer Experience score greater than 90%*, we feel confident that we have successfully built a healthy engine for success well into the future, and we are grateful to have such loyal customers along for the journey.
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